Canopy Lights

Cree Canopy Lights provide great visibility at night and added security.

Parking Lights

Cree Parking Area Lights

Inside Lights

Cree Inside Troffer Lighting

Quality canopy and fascia design and construction

Whether you are building a new site, remodeling, or re-branding an existing convenience store, or making repairs, Phillips’ products and expertise is an investment not only for the short-term, but their superior materials and “do it right the first time” installation will enhance your property for reselling.

In a world of ever changing company mergers and re-branding, it is nice to know one name will not change Phillips.

After a quarter of a century, Phillips Canopies still stands for quality canopy and fascia design and construction. It is a company whose product has literally stood the tests of time. Isn’t it time you look to Phillips.

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